Frequently  Asked  Questions

What kitchen equipment do I need to make your brands?

We have a fantastic lineup of brands, most of them will require you to have fryers, grill plates and ovens. We’d be happy to discuss in more detail to see what you have in place.

What technology is required?

You only need a single tablet and printer in the kitchen; our partner tech platform is designed to funnel all your orders from the delivery platforms into one easy, simple place that will help you manage your delivery business. The aggregators provide you with their tech equipment but can be kept out of sight if you are using our solution.

Will I need any extra labour?

That's a hard one to answer as it will depend on how many staff you currently have and order volume.  We look at implementing brands onto your business with as little disruption and cost as possible.

How do you determine if I’m in a good delivery location?

We will conduct data analysis to see if your site is suitable. This will also include aggregator presence in your area.

How long does it take to launch?

Currently, it's approximately three to five weeks from the point of sale, but we are continually working to improve this.

Will you provide training for my kitchen team?

Yes, of course, Kitchen X provides training for your entire kitchen team. This is through a self-service platform where you can view and replicate training materials in your own time. Once you've completed the training, you will upload videos of you or your team preparing pre-selected dishes as evidence of training.

Once uploaded, one of our training assessors will review the videos and will either certify your training or provide feedback for areas of improvement (which will require a re-do of failed dishes).

We will also provide ongoing training once you are receiving orders to ensure high standards.

How do you determine what brands will work best for me?

Data-driven decisions select the brands, and they will also be based on what kitchen equipment is on your premises.  Selecting the brands this way ensures that you will get the best return on your investment.

Do I have to use your/or a specific supplier?

As we have our own brands, you will be required to use specific ingredients that are only available from suppliers we work with, but this means that their rates are very competitive for Kitchen X partners.

Do you provide the packaging?

Yes, of course, We are very passionate about our food arriving to the customers in perfect condition; we have worked tirelessly to ensure we have the ideal packaging.

Is your packaging from a sustainable source?

Yes, Kitchen X is very passionate about sustainability.

Do I need to set up an account with Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat?

Once you join Kitchen X we do all the hard work for you, you just join with us, and we do the rest…. You can sit back and relax.

Can I use my own delivery drivers?

Some of the aggregators allow this, so as long as they are present in your area, this is not a problem.

We don’t use fryers – is that a problem?

Unfortunately, yes, you would need frying equipment to benefit from our brands. (buy one, it's worth the investment)

Do you offer click and collect options?

If your customer wants to collect their food, this will be an option on the aggregator site.

What are the best days to offer delivery?

Weekends are always great, but there are key indicators to show that midweek takeaways are becoming just as popular.

If I get too busy in the kitchen, can I switch off deliveries?

In short, yes, But we don't advise you to do this as your customers will see that you are offline, and you risk losing them to someone else. Only switch off if it’s completely necessary.

Which delivery platforms do you work with?

Kitchen X works with Uber, Deliveroo and JUST EAT.

Do you provide the delivery service?

No, the delivery element is provided by the aggregator (or your own drivers)

Can I use your dishes and/or brands on my menu?

We’d have to say no to this one.  We are very proud of our brands.

Are the dishes complicated?

Surprisingly no! Our talented kitchen team have designed menus that are not hard to prepare but are packed with flavour. It’s all about using the right ingredients!

How much preparation is required for the dishes?

Some dishes take a little longer to prepare but on average, it's around 10 minutes.

Do you provide allergen guides?

Yes, we do, but that's only when you use ingredients from our supplier as we know exactly what they provide.